Saint Eleftherios Greek Orthodox Church

The Church of Saint Eleftherios
Welcomes You And Your Family.

First, we wish to invite you and your Family to our Worship Services. We hope you will come and feel at home as we worship together. If you are searching for a church home, we'd like you to know that there's a special place just for you here at the Church of Saint Eleftherios.

The Church of Saint Eleftherios Welcomes You and Your Family and offers the following: 


Every Sunday we conduct the Divine Liturgy. The Orthros Service begins at 9:15 a.m. and the Divine Liturgy begins at approx. 10:30 a.m. Weekday Orthros begins at 9:00 a.m., followed by the Divine Liturgy. 


The "Acolyte" program offers young boys the rare opportunity of serving in the Altar of God. The Clergy take great pride in giving these boys a keen insight into the beauty and importance which the Divine Liturgy can have and should have in their lives.

Any young man interested in serving in God's Altar can see our Priest.


Do you wish to share the love you have for mankind with your fellow man? Do you wish to grace the lives of others by assisting them in their time of need? The LADIES PHILOPTOCHOS of the Saint Eleftherios, New York will give you the opportunity to do so. An opportunity to achieve philanthropic fulfillment  and help improve society, awaits the woman with a broad life experience and love of mankind. All that is necessary, is the desire to share your love and experience with women of the same background, whose prime objective through the Philoptochos Society is the assistance of those in need.

Through social functions geared to raise funds such as bazaar, bake sales, Christmas Boutiques and solicitation of donations, the Women of the Saint Eleftherios Philoptochos develop a camaraderie that is unique within any structure. Long lasting and even lifetime friendships are made among women who share the same goals in life and who share in the enjoyment of achieving their goals within a social structure that promotes harmony, fun and friendship. If you wish to help formulate plans and methods to voluntarily aid and relieve the poor, the destitute, the aged, the sick and all those who may need the help of the Church please become a part of the Philoptochos Society. 

President of the Philoptochos is Georgia Keghlian who, for many years has offer unselfishly to aid others in need.


The "Senior Citizens" meet twice a month, They have lunch or coffee and cake, see a Greek Movie, attend plays at the Greek Theatre, take trips, attend luncheons with other Senior Citizens, etc. This past year the following trips were taken: A visit to the wineries of Long Island, a spiritual visit to the Monastery of Saint Nektarios and a relaxing trip to the southern tip of New Jersey.  Three trips are now being planned. Another trip to the Monastery of Saint Nektarios, a Spring picnic at Sunken Meadow Park and a cultural trip.

Our Senior Citizens do enjoy this time together. If you are a Senior Citizen, or about to become a Senior Citizen, you are invited to join us and share in our fellowship.