Sunday School

The philosophy of our Sunday School Program is based on a Christo-centric approach which prepares the students with principles of the Orthodox Faith encouraging them to grow in God’s Service. Our program builds a solid foundation for the children of our community through exemplary lessons in the Teaching and Worship Practices of the Greek Orthodox Christian Faith.

Due to the current pandemic, Sunday School will be replaced by a Kids' Sermon following the Divine Liturgy once every two weeks. Please check the schedule of Church services for specific dates.


The "Acolyte" program offers young boys the rare opportunity of serving in the Altar of God. The Clergy take great pride in giving these boys a keen insight into the beauty and importance which the Divine Liturgy can have and should have in their lives. Any young man interested in serving in God's Altar can see our Priest.

Ladies Philoptochos

Do you wish to share the love you have for mankind with your fellow man? Do you wish to grace the lives of others by assisting them in their time of need? The Ladies Philoptochos of the Saint Eleftherios, New York will give you the opportunity to do so!

Senior Citizens

The "Senior Citizens" meet twice a month. They have lunch or coffee and cake, see a Greek Movie, attend plays at the Greek Theatre, take trips, attend luncheons with other Senior Citizens, etc. Our Senior Citizens do enjoy this time together. If you are a Senior Citizen, or about to become a Senior Citizen, you are invited to join us and share in our fellowship.